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Comentado por Jordan Retro 12( ), 22-03-2012, 00:53 (UTC):
Any {writing|creating|composing|producing} owned, {used|utilized|employed|utilised} or {maintained|taken care of|preserved|managed} {by the|from the|through the|with the} {Department|Division|Section|Office} {in the|within the|inside the|during the} {conduct|perform|carry out} of its official {business|company|enterprise|organization}. Writings {include|consist of|contain|incorporate} {information|info|data|details} recorded or {stored|saved} on paper, {computers|computer systems|personal computers|pcs}, {email|e-mail|e mail|electronic mail}, or audio or {visual|visible} tapes." Is how {records|data|information|documents} are {defined|outlined} {by the|from the|through the|with the} California {Department|Division|Section|Office} of Justice.
Comentado por Josue( ), 02-06-2011, 00:56 (UTC):
Las chatias están bonitas pero esa morsa que esta con ellas si la rego. hahaha

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